Self Assessment Tax Return Online

Does this block appear on every page of the quiz too? Yes, even the end result page.

Welcome to your Self Assessment Tax Return Online

All about your income...

Your total income from employment (if any)
Tax deducted
Employer name and pay reference (can be found on your P60, you can send a copy of this later if you prefer.)

Tell us about your self employment...

Income from self employment
Any income from other sources? For example property rental, bank interest received, dividends, pension.

...and now your outgoings

Expenses (Eg insurance, telephone, mileage)
If you have any expenses that you are unsure whether you can claim, please include them, and if you can't claim them we will explain why.

Phew! Nearly done!

Your full name
Your address
Your email address
Date of birth
National Insurance number (N.I.)
UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference)
Your phone / mobile number
Finally, any comments or questions?

Self Assessment Tax Return Online and Limited Company Accounting Services

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